Recommendations for Armin Cruz

You may be asking what do people say about Armin Cruz and his process?  On our page, you have seen the results and business outcomes, but another question is “What do people think of Armin Cruz?”.  This page will help answer this very question.  Also, please note that this is an abbreviated version of the information found on my LinkedIn page.  For the complete details please see my LinkedIn page.

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What do people say most recently, as a seasoned leader?

  • A senior executive and SVP said “Armin Cruz is an excellent process designer and operational excellence leader who . . .jointly built those strategic programs“.
  • An executive and VP said “He is an extremely smart individual and goes beyond his normal responsibilities to provide the highest quality of service to his clients and manager. I highly recommend Armin”.
  • An independent professional said “I found Armin to be highly professional, well knowledgeable in Lean/Six Sigma, easy to work with and well liked in the organization. He is one I can recommend with complete confidence“.
  • A person I coached in Six Sigma said “Armin always offered valuable insight and encouraged me to explore and develop Six Sigma tools. His passion for Six Sigma and coaching is extremely admirable”.

What do people say about Armin Cruz as a process leader?

  • An independent contractor and professional said “Armin is a joy to work with. He is responsive, thorough, and above all flexible“.
  • A peer said “found Armin to be highly professional, knowledgeable in Lean/Six Sigma, easy to work with. Armin has a talent for building, maintaining, and leveraging relationships to achieve goals in his organization”.

What do people say about Armin Cruz as a middle level manager?

  • A senior executive and SVP said “I found Armin to be a good communicator and motivator of people“.
  • A client said “Armin is not only exceptional in what he does, but he is also an excellent person, with high morals. I would highly recommend his services”

What do people say about Armin Cruz when he was an individual contributor and early leader?

  • A peer said “Armin is one of the most professional colleagues that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I considered him a team lead just for the fact of his vast knowledge of the mortgage industry“.
  • A peer said “Armin has always demonstrated strong work ethics and a passion for the success of his team. Armin is a leader that models the behaviors he coaches too”.
  • A peer said “Armin is a very detail oriented individual with a strong work ethic and ability to tirelessly work towards a solution with each customer“.