Armin Cruz Value Creation

Armin Cruz will share the results of his work efforts that span a decade and two industries.  The first, financial services is represented by the work Mr. Cruz did while employed at Bank of America.The second industry is represented by the work Mr. Cruz performed while employed by RealPage.

Armin Cruz believes in keeping the execution and measurement of the results simple.  The methodology and avenue of approach may be very complex, but as Peter Drucker says:

No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or               supermen to manage it.  It must be organized in such a                         way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed                    of average human beings.

Armin Cruz firmly believes that the three metrics to measure at the strategic level are cost, quality, and speed.  However, there is an Mnemonic device to make this easy.  The three D’s.  Dollars.  Days. Defects.

If the executive or owner of a business focuses simply on dollars (revenue or cost savings) Days (cycle time or time to market) and Defects (quality of product or rolled throughput yield) the leader will have an efficient and effective unit to drive profitability.

Mr. Cruz will share based on complexity and business outcome.  The complexity will be broken into two categories, low and high.  The business outcome will be aligned to match the 3 Ds.

In summary, Mr. Cruz has generated savings over $44 million with the 10 largest projects in the last 24 months at Bank of America. These results are audited, and quality controlled through a rigorous tollgate and inspection process compliant with Lean Six Sigma.  In addition to these results, Mr. Cruz has also taken quality control scores from single digits to over 99.99%, and reduced cycle time by as much as 75%.

Armin Cruz will share his top 25 projects with you to give insight into the methodology, and business outcomes.