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Armin Cruz welcomes you to connect with him to learn more about his process and methodology.  If you have any questions please email Mr. Cruz at or fill out the page on the contact us tab.  Mr. Cruz will personally return your correspondence within one business day.

Thank you for visiting this page.  I look forward to connecting with you.

Social Media Links

LinkedIn – checked /updated daily for updates

Twitter– checked /updated daily for updates

Facebook – checked /updated daily for updates

Instagram – checked weekly for updates

YouTube – updated monthly or as needed

About.Me or About.Me – checked bi-weekly for updates

Armin Cruz Picture Blog-checked bi-weekly for updates

SlideShare – checked monthly for updates

Armin Cruz Consulting – checked as needed up to daily

Crunchbase – checked monthly for updates

Google + – checked monthly for updates

LookUp Page – not checked- directory only



Additionally, feel free to email Mr. Cruz directly at

If you feel that I should include an additional social media site please contact me and I will take it into consideration and update this page accordingly.